As you play, time will pass in the game's world, bringing each season in turn. There are different crops you can grow in each season, and you may find that your friends and neighbors will have different things to talk about at different times of the year. Don't forget, too, that each season has its own festivals, celebrations and competitions for you to enjoy.



Turnips and potatoes are just a few of the staple crops you can grow in the spring. You'll enjoy fair weather and warming days as you anticipate fun yearly events like the Flower Fair and White Day.

Story of Seasons screenshot 1


Tomatoes and onions are popular crops to grow in the summer, and you'll have fun celebrating the warmest season with outdoor activities like the Fireworks Show and the Fishing Tournament.

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Eggplants and green peppers are favored crops of autumn. As the weather begins to cool and the leaves change their colors, keep an eye on your calendar for events like the Cooking Exhibition and the Fall Concert.

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It takes hearty crops, like radishes and napa cabbages, to grow and thrive in the cold of winter. But take heart – you can look forward to Valentine's Day and the Starlight Gala, among other wintry events.

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