There's plenty to keep you busy on your farm, but there's more to explore if you rent a field from the guild or take a trip to the Safari park. Here are some things you might want to check out!



There's a certain place in the Safari park where a rich vein of minerals lies exposed to the surface. Give it a couple good thwacks with your hammer to break off several chunks of useful minerals! You can sell them for easy cash, or save them to craft advanced items down the road!

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If you examine a harvest spot in the Safari park, you'll discover items free for the taking. Lucky!

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Want to sweeten all your deals? Set up a hive box and start your journey toward making honey! Just put a bee in the box and wait several days. You'll need to rent a certain field from the guild to make hive boxes available, though, so bee diligent about winning the rights! And do note that you can't harvest honey during the winter – even bees need some time off!

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If you borrow a certain field from the guild, you'll be able to grow mushrooms. Spread the seeds of the mushroom you want to grow on mushroom logs and wait for several days. You can use fertilizer once a day per seed, and if you do, the quality of the mushrooms you grow will be improved. Mushrooms regrow once you harvest them, up to three times per seed.

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Each month will bring new competitions and seasonal events. If you win a competition, you may receive prize money or special items. Be sure to check your calendar to see upcoming events.

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