Once you have a craft table, you can start making your own furniture. The more pieces you build, the more you'll have available to customize your house!



You can make all sorts of furniture at your craft table to give your house the makeover you've always dreamed of. You can place things you've made on your farm or in your house by selecting "Edit Home" or "Edit Farm." You'll get a craft table when you remodel your house for the first time.

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To craft a new item, you first need a blueprint, which tells you the materials you'll need to create the item described. Then, of course, you need the materials to actually make it. Blueprints exist for everything from decorations to barns to houses. You can buy blueprints from some of the shops in town, or from the traders who come to the Trade Depot.

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Editing is the process by which you lay out where you want objects in your house or on your farm. When you're in Edit Mode, select an object to place by pressing [[X]] or tapping the Touch Screen to choose an item from your list of stocked objects. Objects currently in use will not appear in the stock list.

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While in Edit Mode, press [[A]] to place the object you're carrying. You can also press [[Y]] to return the object to your stock. The space the item will take up when set down will be shown by a highlighted footprint – blue if it can be set down, and yellow if there is not enough room in the current location. You can also press [[A]] in front of an object you've already set down to lift it up and place it somewhere else, or press [[Y]] to return it to your stock.

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If you place certain combinations of objects in an area, you'll activate an Edit Combo. These combos have special effects, such as granting you more money when you ship your crops. Try decorating with lots of different items to discover new combos and their effects!

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You can undertake some big projects at your craft table, including the construction of workshop buildings you can set up on your farm. There are several kinds of workshops, each allowing you to work with different raw materials to make a refined product, such as cheeses, wines and cloth. Try them out and see what you can create!

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