If you keep a pet, you'll always have a friend to play with. They can also help you with your work. If you meet the conditions, you'll be able to keep dogs, cats, and horses.

Dogs can be trained to help you graze your animals. Being friendly with them will increase their affection toward you. You need a pet house to keep a dog.

Cats wander the countryside and will bring back items for you. The more friendly you get with a cat, the more items it'll bring back. You need a pet house to keep a cat.

You can call for your horse at horseback riding areas, located on your farm or in town. Press [[A]] to ride, and press [[B]] to dismount. You travel faster while riding a horse.



If you equip the "leash" item and talk to your dog or cat, you can walk them. Walking pets will decrease their stress, with longer walks lowering stress by greater amounts. When you want to finish your walk, simply talk to your pet again.

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Use a "Dog Bone" to play with your dog or a "Cat Bell" to play with your cat. Hold the appropriate item in front of your pet and press [[A]] to play with them. This will reduce your pet's stress.

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When dogs and cats are stressed out, they tend to get obese and will be less effective at helping you around the farm. Do your best to take good care of your pets, and they'll do their best for you.

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