One cold winter day, as you were going about your daily routine, you discovered an unassuming pamphlet in your mailbox.

"New Farmers Wanted! Join us and help Oak Tree Town grow as you work the land," it read.

It seemed so different - a world apart from the life you'd been living. But at the same time, it held the promise of being just what you needed to shake up your life and find the direction you'd been looking for.

That same day, you wrote up an application and submitted it to the address on the back of the pamphlet - a small hamlet called Oak Tree Town.

One week later, you received a letter of congratulations. It turned out you had been selected as Oak Tree Town's newest up-and-coming farmer!

As you packed your things that day and arranged travel to Oak Tree Town, you felt the buzz of excitement at the opportunity you'd been given. You don't know what awaits you out in the countryside, but you can't wait to find out!

Story of Seasons pamphlet