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Build Your Farm


Discover Your Farm


The Farm of Your Dreams

This is the farm you inherited from your grandfather.
Clear the forest covering your land and build up your homestead however you'd like!

A Farm for Every Season

Over time, the seasons will change, bringing with them new wild animals and crops.
Enjoy the changing scenery and discover what each season has to offer!

Visit Unique Locations

As you cultivate and expand your farm, you'll gain the ability to visit special locations.  Deep underground mines, a boiling volcano, and other exciting locations await!

Reclaim the Farm


Clear the Land

Before you can build your dream farm, you'll first need space for your crops and facilities.
Chopping down trees, breaking stones, and clearing weeds is hard work, but many rewards await farmers who put in the effort!

Repair Facilities

By repairing or removing obstacles in your path, you'll be able to access new areas on your farm.

Explore Further


New Farming Frontiers

As you're starting out, your farm will consist only of a small, run-down chicken coop surrounded by a forest, and a tiny tent for you to live in.  However, as you reclaim the land and collect materials, you can repair and commission larger facilities to greatly expand your workable farmland.
Plan the layout for your land and build it up however you please!  Choose locations for your barns and coops, till the land to create as many crop fields as you need, place various pathways and fences, and install useful additions like sprinklers.  No matter what kind of farm you choose to build, you're sure to find new and exciting ways to utilize your vast farmland.

Earth Sprites

As you enjoy your farm life, you may come across strange creatures called Earth Sprites.  If you visit these creatures at their home, Earth Sprite Village, they might just share some crops, materials, and other goodies with you.  As you continue to cultivate your farm, you'll get the chance to meet Earth Sprites with all sorts of different specialties!  Work hard and level up your farming skills, and they may just offer to take you somewhere special!  See more…

Enjoy Your Farm Life With Even More Features


Brave New Harvests


Grow Crops

Till the land, plant seeds, and make sure to water your crops every day to be rewarded with a bountiful harvest.  Ship your crops to earn money and expand the inventory at your local shops!

Discover the Bounties of Nature

Find new plants growing wild on your farmland!  Ship them out, and Olive Town's stores will have the new seeds in stock the very next day.  Try growing these new crops on your farm to bring an even bigger variety to your harvest.

Raise Livestock


Repair Your Facilities

Fixing up the abandoned chicken coop on your farm is the first step to raising a variety of livestock.

Meet New Animals

You can raise new animals on your farm by finding them on your farmland and taming them.  Each season brings a new flock of wild animals—what sorts of furry or feathered friends will you encounter as time goes by?

Process Byproducts

While raising animals, you'll be able to gather eggs, milk, and other byproducts.  You can ship them as-is, cook with them, or process them to create goods that sell for even more money.
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