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Life in Olive Town


Craft Items!


Discover Crafting!

As you go about your farm life, you'll be able to gather materials like logs, grass, flowers, and stones.  You can process and create new items from these materials.
While you can only create a few things with raw materials, processed materials can be used to make a plethora of crafts, from facilities for the farm to furniture for your home!

Upgrade Tools!

Use the money and materials you earn from farming to upgrade your axe, hoe, watering can, and other tools.  This will make your farm life easier by allowing you to till larger amounts of land at once, water additional squares of land, and more!

Cook Food!

Cook using the various ingredients you obtain from raising livestock and growing crops!  You can ship the food you make for profit, give it as a gift, or you can eat it yourself to gain back stamina and continue your work on the farm.

Enjoy Life in Town


Befriend The Townsfolk!

Olive Town is just a short distance from your farm.  Visit this quiet port town to get a peek at the lives of the colorful characters who live there.  If you speak with the townspeople often and give them gifts, you'll be able to befriend and see a new side of them.

Go Shopping!

Olive Town may be small, but its shops stock everything a budding farmer could need.  The number of products each shop sells will start out small, but as you ship more goods from your farm, the shops' lineup will expand.

Find Your Perfect Pet!

They might not produce byproducts for you, but pets make a cute addition to any farm!  You might even come across a noble steed who will carry you around in style.  There are over 20 animals that you can purchase at the animal shop!

Make Some Waves!

As a port town, Olive Town has plenty of places to fish.  Grab your fishing rod to catch some big fish and unusual aquatic life!

Participate in Events!

As time passes in Olive Town, its residents will hold various annual festivals for you to participate in!  These exciting events are a great chance to get to know the townsfolk—you might even be able to invite a special someone to join you!

Help Olive Town Grow!

Olive Town is a small port town with little tourism, but by fulfilling special requests, you can help Mayor Victor and the townsfolk develop it into a bustling sightseeing destination filled with new infrastructure and lively tourists.

Change Up Your Look!

Farmers can create a look of their own by visiting Olive Town's beauty salon, changing up everything from their hairstyle to facial features or skin color. To accompany their new makeover, players can change their character's outfit to fit the season, bundling up for the winter or donning a breezy hat for long summer days.

The Museum


Olive Museum Needs Your Help!

Olive Museum accepts all sorts of donations from their patrons: you can donate photos of the wild animals you come across, the sea creatures you fish up, and even treasures you've found in the mines!
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