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Return to Forgotten Valley,
where new surprises await!

It's been 20 years since players first became
acquainted with this charming valley.
Thanks to a few renovations,
life's gotten even more wonderful here!

  • Make more memories than ever before!
    With more than 70 new events, your wonderful life will be chock-full of unforgettable experiences.
  • Be true to yourself with new gender and marriage options!
    You can now select male, female, or non-binary pronouns when creating your avatar. Regardless of your choice, you'll be able to build a family with any potential marriage candidate.
  • Express yourself with new customization options!
    You can now choose not only your clothes, but also your hair color and style. Change up your look and live in your own wonderful way!
  • Meet the newest eligible bachelor: Gordy!
    The solitary artist Gordy has joined the lineup of available marriage candidates. Will you romance this sensitive soul?
  • Have your very own picture-perfect wedding!
    With newly added wedding ceremonies, tying the knot is truly an event to remember!
  • Cherish stronger family bonds!
    With new events to experience, each step of your family's journey will bring you closer together.
  • Party it up at fresh new festivals!
    Forgotten Valley's four seasonal festivals have been totally revamped for even more fun!
  • Take photos with the new Camera tool!
    Capture every chapter of your life in vivid detail!
  • Witness new farmyard wonders!
    Baby goats and sheep will bring cheer to your barn, while new and unusual crops bring variety to your fields.