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Grow Crops

Harvest fruits and vegetables to produce a field of dreams!

The classic farming simulation makes mastering a daily routine of planting, cultivating, and shipping both intuitive and entertaining.

Raise Animals

Take care of your livestock, and they'll take care of you.

Raise a wide variety of cows, chickens, sheep, alpacas, and Angora rabbits to fill your farm with furred and feathered friends!

Make Friends

Stroll into town to shop, chat, and join the local festivities!

Getting to know your many neighbors is a recipe for success, especially at events like the Fetch Fest and the Cluck-Cluck Clash.

Live Your Life

Unwind by fishing, cooking, and playing with your pets.

In addition to cats, dogs, and a horse, you'll now be able to give a forever home to more exotic animals like penguins and capybaras!

Fall in Love

Romance over 12 guys and gals to find that special someone!

Explore More

Discover all-new characters, critters, and customization.

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