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- Story Prologue -

Mineral Town: an idyllic hamlet surrounded by lush forests and clear waters.  When you were young, you spent a summer there on your grandfather's farmstead.  Country life was unlike anything back in the big city, but before long you found yourself basking in Mineral Town's natural wonders.

You dashed through the wilderness, went fishing, and even helped care for the livestock (sometimes).  Most importantly, however, you made a new friend—the first you'd ever had.  At that fateful vacation's end, you left the farm and your friend, but you never forgot them.  Twenty years have passed since then.

You arrive once more in Mineral Town, but the fields have fallen into ruin since your grandfather's passing.  The crops and cattle from your childhood are gone; only rocks and weeds remain.  Your grandfather may also be gone, but as you look upon his land, you make a heartfelt vow to raise the old farm—your new home—back to its former glory.  The story of seasons has begun anew.

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