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- Key Features -

Friends of Mineral Town has been remade from the ground up for the STORY OF SEASONS series in its Nintendo Switch™ debut.  Experience the wonders of life on a farm like never before!

Classic Farming, Enhanced Customization

STORY OF SEASONS: Friends of Mineral Town rebuilds the best-selling farm/life simulator from the ground up with tons of new content to customize.  Ready to work and play?  Choose your character's appearance and clothing to suit your sense of style.  Itching to get to the good life?  Simple mode lets you start out with more money, ready-to-harvest crops, and faster relationship progression.  Expand your farmstead, renovate your home, and upgrade your tools for a fully customizable farming experience!

Friendly Faces, Old and New

Whether you're reuniting with old friends or meeting your neighbors for the first time, befriending the many residents of Mineral Town is a recipe for success.  Each villager has their own story to tell, and all of them have been updated with fresh art and overhauled dialogue.  With the introduction of two brand-new characters, Jennifer the nature lover and Brandon the avant-garde artist, even the dating pool is more expansive than ever!

Small Town, Big Romance

Mineral Town is home to over twelve eligible bachelors and bachelorettes who are single and ready to mingle.  Whether your character is male or female, you're free to date, marry, and raise a child with any of them!  Build a relationship with the guy or gal of your dreams through conversation, gifts, festivals, and special events.  Together, you and that special someone can discover the thrill of dating, the journey of marriage, and the joys of parenthood!
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